Sales & Marketing Intelligence
Sales Support for B2B companies

More leads. More customers. More promoters.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing I Digital Marketing

Measurable results through intelligent, digital strategies.


User Experience or Experiments
Website consulting for more lead generation

Increase lead generation with a sales-ready website!


Loyal Customers with the NPS
Net Promoter Score as company key figure

Optimise your business for your customers, not for yourself.


Vision Customer Centricity
Customer Experience is the Way to Customer Loyalty

Better customer experience. Increased customer loyalty. More revenue.


Digitalization and optimization
Technology for Marketing and Sales.

Change. Strategy. Technology.

Business growth for B2B companies

  • We help CEOs scale their business

  • We help CSOs and sales teams expand pipelines and achieve a higher level of productivity.

  • We help CMOs and marketing teams deliver measurable results and monetize brands.

  • We help CXOs and customer experience teams create an excellent customer experience, develop and implement CX concepts, and demonstrate the ROI of every CX activity.

  • We help BDMs successfully implement their Go-To-Market strategies.

Decide which path is most suitable for you: consulting, enablement and/or outsourcing.

Sales & Marketing Intelligence

For B2B from B2B enthusiasts!

We believe in the intelligent consolidation of sales, marketing and customer experience, because B2B sales and marketing have changed radically and will continue to develop.

With “B2B Sales & Marketing Intelligence”, we ultimately help companies in the B2B sector become more successful, by combining proven, traditional sales and marketing methods with digital strategies and cognitive technologies.

By doing so, we are able to generate more leads, acquire new customers and develop loyal promoters for our customers.

B2B company growth

Talks with decision-makers


Qualified discussions with decision-makers on
1st and 2nd management level p.a.

Lead rate / cold acquisition

3 -18%

Appointments, webcasts, requests for quotation,
expert talks


1.5 - 4.5%

Closing rate

Conversion Rate


Landing page conversion rate of at least 15%

Up-/Cross Selling

10 - 55%

Quota for initiating follow-up orders in the existing customer segment

Net Promoter Score®

> 50

Transactional NPS® surveys, 360° customer surveys (NPS and CSAT)

Conversion number

> 4,000

Digital-generated leads p.a.

Website Traffic


Average increase in website traffic per year

B2B Sales

Is your growth goal to increase and secure new customer acquisition? To generate more qualified leads? To run successful up- and cross-selling tactics? To digitise sales activities? Let’s start together!

Know how to take your sales to the next level.

Our B2B experts are highly knowledgeable in industries such as machine building, industrial automation, medical devices, healthcare, IT, consulting, financial services, travel management, e-mobility, amongst many more.  

We support you in telesales, sales development, inside sales and sales outsourcing, and assist you with customer segmentation, targeted cross-selling/up-selling and outsourcing of your management of SME customers, including revenue responsibility.

Digitisation in sales and social selling are integral components of our B2B sales services.

Let’s have a chat about where your sales challenges lie.

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Our special features: Passionate hunters, experienced industry specialists and no call centre operators!


PHOCUS Inbound Marketing


Special features: Certified specialists for HubSpot and Salesforce.com, strategists and inbound marketing specialists.



Inbound Marketing

Would you like to gain measurable results? Increase qualified leads? Finally monetise your brand? Welcome to Inbound Marketing! 

Inbound marketing combines content marketing with marketing automation technologies and a clearly sales-oriented strategy and target agreement. It is based on the philosophy that customers are attracted by content, which they have searched for, and have not yet been unintentionally bombarded with random content/advertisements.

The inbound methodology has one clear goal: lead generation through relevant content at the right place and time for the right buyer persona.

This goal is achieved with relevant content in the right places. 

How do we know what relevant content is? Where do we best place it? And how qualified are your leads so that they can present customers to your sales team on a silver platter?

Get in touch to learn more!

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing goes far beyond the creation of a Facebook page, a CPC campaign, a blog, or a Twitter account. It involves the strategical integration of your planned digital content with your website, through search engine optimization, lead generation, and lead maintenance.

It is about delivering good results. It is about having a strategy that complements your business goals. Appropriate marketing automation solutions help to take the pressure off marketers.

With our website consulting, we help you to build a “sales ready website” – these being websites that can accomplish the following goals: improved Google rankings, more qualified leads and exceptional conversion rates.

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PHOCUS Digital Marketing


Special features: Content lovers, strategists, and consultants with a “hands-on” mentality, and automation freaks.

PHOCUS Customer Experience


Special features: Certified Net Promoter® Associates, customer lovers and customer loyalty specialists.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) expresses how customers feel during the entire business relationship and what experiences they had at various touchpoints during their customer journey - in short, the sum of all experiences made.

In order to offer a good customer experience, a company must first be customer-oriented. Customer centricity is the basic motive in order to deliver a good customer experience in the first place.

But how can your organization become customer-oriented? Do you know what your customers want? No? So the best way is to ask!

We work with various models of customer surveys, based on the Net Promoter Score®, CSAT, CES, CLI and many more. The NPS is a powerful metric and methodology; it is easy to survey without losing resilience, because it is based on the willingness to recommend.

In addition to that, we offer Customer Service outsourcing and consulting in order to make your existing customers even happier.

How can we make your customers happy?

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Technologies & Partners

Would you like to digitalise and optimise your marketing and sales operations? Then technology is a must-have.

CRM, AI, Customer Experience, and Marketing Automation technologies offer so many functions and features that you can easily lose track of your original goals.

Don’t get distracted while you are planning to implement a technology. Let us guide you through the vast jungle of offers and help you manage the technological implementation of each system.

Here are some technologies and partners that we love to work with:


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Special features: Technology passionates, number pushers & data lovers, and unconventional thinkers. 


The time in which marketing and sales teams operate in isolated silos is finally over. Companies, who simultaneously implement and utilize both marketing and sales strategies, automatically gain a significant competitive advantage. Our Sales & Marketing Intelligence approach embodies exactly this, primarily focusing on the three pillars B2B Sales, Digital & Inbound Marketing, as well as Customer Experience, accompanied by a unique mix of technology. Marketing & Sales Alignment is necessary because procurement behaviour has changed radically and will continue to do so.